Thursday, January 17, 2013

Can you guess…

Which one of these belongs to me and which one belongs to baby bear #2?

We followed the tutorial over at Noodlehead and within a short amount of time had these two little lovelies made.  It was nice to make something with my daughter – hope we can share some more in the near future.

On a patriotic note, found these at the supermarket this morning;
Aussie b.b.q. flavoured and shaped CCs for Australia Day. 


  1. well done baby bear,what a lovely pouch and of course you too Claire,great to see kiddies have a go.xx

  2. It is sew nice to stitch with your DD. They both look great...

  3. What a fantastic way to spend the day together. Well done girls. hugs

  4. Lovely! Daughters are so special. Love the CCs too.

  5. How cool are they???? Aussie shaped CC's....will have to keep a look out for those.....and they're bbq flavoured!!?? LOL How clever!!!
    Lovely to see the stitching bug being passed on!!! both pouches look fab!!!
    xox sugary hugs
    wendy :O)


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