Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Update on the Poppy Quilt

Well this is the first pattern I’ve ever used from It's Sew Emma and despite the initial concern (seeing as it’s a quilt for someone else) I have found that it is a fairly easy pattern although frustrating with all the H.S.T. – I’m not a big fan…I love how they look, just not a fan of making them.


There has been lots of this…and I went a little crazy when someone decided to clear the table and put them in the rubbish – how could they think all those cute little triangles were scraps?  They were very quickly fished out and are now collecting in a bag that is safe from the ‘hands of the unknowing about sewing’.

Baby bear #3 decided to show an interest in my machine at the most inopportune time – it’s usually when I’m on the phone or on the toilet that my kids decide to become interested in things but this time it was when I was ironing and cutting…


so all of the blocks are now done and I just in the process of putting the whole top together.  This is done with  smaller strips and little coloured squares at the intersections, I’m thinking I might use the darker green for the squares.


I have finished reading this and boy, oh boy, was it good…graphic in parts, but so good that there was a very late night 2 nights ago – how could I go to sleep when there was only a few chapters to go?

Now I’m almost half way through the second on in the series…wonder if I will get the third one finished before school goes back (speaking of school I’m going in tomorrow for a few hours for planning and preparation for those of you who wonder how hard us chalkies work).


  1. You have been busy Claire....you have made a comment on my blog re the giveaway....I was unable to reply ...as the email came in as no-reply.....hope you get this message

  2. I love the colour of the fabrics you are using for your Poppy quilt.
    Hmm I have many of those bags of triangle BUT I do wonder if I wil ever use them??? do you want more???
    Never discourage a kid when they want to learn to sew... My GS2 enjoys sewing too. Maybe the next Kaffe's in the making...LOL

  3. Your quilt is looking great.
    Love HSTs just like you. I use my westerlee rulers to help me.
    I have an unfinished quilt that is all HSTs. Must finish it this year

  4. Claire look how good it has come up ,well done my clever friend,i knew you could do it.xx

  5. Can I ask a stupid question. What is a HST? Is it a Half Square Triange? So do you sew a square and cut off the excess? Why isn't it just cut in triangles? Anyway ... the quilt is looking beautiful. Nearly there!


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