Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Grey Army

this post has nothing to do with fabric

I was not blessed genetically when things were cooking (if you know what I mean) when I was born I had a head of hair.  Thick, coarse, wiry brown hair. Not a nice chestnut brown, just a plain old ordinary dank dark brown.  Sometimes in the sun there was a hint of red (obviously where baby bear #2 gets some of her gorgeous colour from).

It was always kept cut short – very short and I was frequently mistake for a boy – the 4th son…not very charming to a young girl. So you can see a bit of a hair thing creeping in, can’t you?

Then at 12 something awful happened…

I started to go grey. Yes – genetics.  My father was completely grey before 30 so there really wasn’t a whole lot of hope for me.

3 years ago I made the choice to stop dying my hair to cover the greys…it was consuming and expensive.  Every 2 weeks to cover up the greys was just crazy.  I start to put a few blonde foils in.  It worked for a little while, disguising the greys but the colour was really not me.

So I stopped.

Yep, nothing.  No colour.  Nada.

It was liberating.  I felt free.  There were a few people at work who made a big fuss about how awful it was and that I was aging myself and blah de blah blah.  It was their issue – their problem.  I did not care.

In September of last year I had the remaining colour cut off and went completely natural for the first time in…a very long time.
002This is the one and only time I think I will put my picture on this blog…
And guess what?  It’s apparently cool now to have grey hair – look at these celebrities;

Let’s face it, George has always been a bit of a spunk.

This lady would look good in just about anything but Meryl with grey hair is stunning.
Helen looks fantastic.

Well this funny man says grey is not to be sneered at.

Jamie Lee well she was probably the first to start and she is hot.
And then there is our Nic, see what she is let creeping in at the top and the sides?
So, the grey army is not to be sniffed at, nor is it for the feint-hearted but give me a shout if you are a revolutionary in hair and are a member of the grey army, like me.


  1. Claire i love it it looks fantastic.xx

  2. You look Absolutely Mahvelous Dawling!
    I've always loved grey hair. It is distintive, smashing and fabulous!
    I finally have a few stray greys glistening amongst the brown and have always felt I earned each and every one of them. I have to admit the last time I had a colour added, I specifically requested the hairdresser avoid letting any of the greys get coloured!

  3. Looks great,I am starting to go grey as well.

  4. Looks great Claire.
    I belong to the "Grey Army" and love it..
    As I wear Spikes it is far too short all the time to bother with colour.....

  5. Claire your hair looks beautiful. I found my first grey hair at 17 and I don't use colour either. My hair is waist length, so that would be a chore! Another person with gorgeous grey hair is Paula Deen. She does cooking shows in USA if you want to look her up. So pretty! debbie

  6. You're in great company and I'll be joining the army sooner rather than later too :)


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