Thursday, January 10, 2013

Argh! Lego…


Every day it is the same…pieces everywhere and then at the end of the day there comes the little voice “Mum, can you please help me pack up my Lego?” Because sadly, he is incapable of picking up any without another human being involved.  His sister refuses (she knows all too well that he fluffs around and picks up 1 or 2 pieces while you pick up the rest), his big brother is still away and that leaves…yep.

So today I came up with a plan.  It involved visiting Miss Milly’s – my local quilt and hobby shop.  A few hours later…


He was excited to be involved and do his under-over that he learnt at school last year in Art class.


Yay! It’s up off the floor which means Dyson will be happy, so will I (I won’t have to go through the muck from the vacuum cleaner looking for those pesky little pieces) and we have this:


and it is going to live here:


on his beloved Buzz Lightyear couch.  Now was this a good idea or what?


  1. LOL...I remember those, mobilo.....marbles dangerous....LOL...great idea with the play mat bag...

  2. that was a ripper of an idea Claire,i remember when my son loved legos,a long time ago now.xx

  3. Fantastic idea. I used an old sheet for my boys, nothing this fancy but now Miss Lily is getting her own "girl lego" I might have to make one of these for her. Did you use a pattern or make it up as you went?

  4. Wow this is fantastic. I love the idea of a play mat come bag for the Lego.
    Great achievement for the day. Well done

  5. They are a great idea . I had one for my kids when they played with blocks...

  6. Brilliant! I've stepped on so much Lego, my little ones are all grown up, however they might appreciate this for the grandchildren. Thanks for sharing.


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