Monday, January 7, 2013

Stupidity or madness…and a link up to the small blog meet

I look at blogs and see all of the amazing things people are creating and think (stupidly), ‘hey I could do that’ and then I get all manic and crazy until I do it.
Enter the Lone Starburst.
I love it but it tortures me.  Paper piecing, argh, all those fiddly little seams and then working out the pieces to cut and which goes where and…
so I decided to stop being a sook and have a go.  I jumped in feet first and well after printing off all the templates and trimming them down and selecting my fabrics I realised that I needed more help.
and this is what I now have…along with this mess in my kitchen sink…
think next time I might take out the paper as I go to reduce the mess at the end or maybe not use normal paper – a light weight paper that can run through my printer might be better.
Live and learn.
I think it shall become a pillow front once I stand looking at it again. 
On a positive note I have my first 2 finished for the year (YAY) – flour sack tea towels.
These are going into my birthday love stash.
Lily's Quilts

You can go here for the link up to the small blog meet - it's for blogs that have 50 or less followers.


  1. they look great Claire and i love those tea towels,well done.xx

  2. Adorable tea towels, and what are you talking about it looks great and will make a gorgeous pillow! :) Happy New Year!

  3. Hello! I came over from Lily's blog so I would first like to say Hello! Your first two finishes are so pretty but I understand I frustration. Sometime I just HAVE to walk away. What is your birthday love stash? Is it for you? It is for others?

  4. That came out great! Paper piecing is so hard sometimes!!!

    I came from Lily's :)

    I hope you do not mind, I'm going to add you to my blog circle on google :)


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