Monday, January 21, 2013



We awoke to a very hazy and smoky surrounding this morning – the sky had that awful eerie glow that lets you know that there are fires burning…

I was in at school at 8 am for a few hours – working on the new curriculum and planning stuff before a drive down the highway to see a new specialist with baby bear #3.  It has been a long journey with him and it will never be over, however we are lucky that we can access some good and clever people – the specialist today has given us some very helpful ideas and we have some ‘tasks’ to do before our next appointment that involve the whole family – should be interesting.


So not much sewing was done today.


Baby bear #3 chose the fabric for a quick and easy project;




A travel tissue pouch  - it was so quick and easy.  He was going to have a go at using my machine but “Arthur and the Invisibles” won out in the end.  He has blown his nose though!




Baby Bear #2 decided that she would like one for her new school bag – she’s off to Secondary School this year and specifically requested green…I won’t tell you why though but I’m sure you can put 2 and 2 together…she is obviously surrounded by way too many boys!


  1. lovely projects Claire and good luck with baby bear 3,hope all goes well.I checked out the binding machine and it has gone back up to $99,so i will wait for a sale.xx

  2. So that is good your tissue holders...


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