Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I have been busy!
School work, supplies and uniforms – 3 pairs of black shoes and 2 pairs of runners…why do their feet grow so fast???

Another zippered  bag and tissue holder I whipped up on Monday night – it is some of the fabric that followed me home from Spotlight on the weekend.
I finished off 3 mini mug rugs that have been lurking in a pile for a long time (see Cheryll, I do sometimes finish things), lol...

I had a lovely chat with my postie today and it turns out he handed my my gift from Katherine which was a gorgeous mug rug with an angel and a block of Lindt chocolate (my favourite chocolate) – thank you Katherine!

And then there is this and it is a shocker of a photo  - boy did I move as I snapped it in my haste to show you.  I have begun quilting my Great Granny.  I have done 2 rows so far – I have decided to go down the centre of each row of colours and as I had hoped you really can’t see it on the patterned fabrics.  I didn’t want the quilting to detract from the fabrics.  Well I’m off the feed 3 kids so their feet can grow some more and then I’m going to continue my Great Granny and avoid the pile of ironing and the school preparation I SHOULD be doing.


  1. think I should add the final border to my Great Granny and sent it down to you to quilt for me :) as for the school prep, yep ignoring that two for as long as I can as last time I tackled it my bank balance looked rather sad :( and booklists for secondary school are on Friday ... ouch! Ok I had better get back to the ironing as the reality of having no clothes in my wardrobe has hit! Have a great day. hugs

  2. OMGoodess you have been busy buying school things and sewing. Well done.....

  3. lovely parcel to receive Claire is that your intial heart swap gift? Good to see you got some lovely projects finished,well done.xx

  4. lol re shoes. Our eldest used to skip sizes every 2 months for a while. I'm glad you like your gift and that it arrived safely. Love your mug rugs, tissue holder and bag too.


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